Latin America Summit

11-12 May 2017 | Lotte New York Palace Hotel

The spirit of innovation is alive throughout Latin America. Change is propelling business to think differently and tackle challenges in new ways. This momentum is rippling across the region and having a major effect on the global marketplace. Join us for our second Latin American Summit and build a greater understanding of how to harness these new opportunities.


State of Latin America’s economic collaboration: trade agreements

Latin America is a complex, interconnected network. Conversations don’t end at borders – countries collaborate at the global level, leaving no region unaffected by the Latin America market. Panelists will deliver a progress report on what trade bloc or bilateral agreements (past and present) have proven successful or unsuccessful. They will even go one step further and dive into the “why.” From there, we will discuss the political will to enter into trade agreements, the deepening ties with countries and trade blocs outside the hemisphere, and the effects of the new U.S. administration on trade within the region.

Ethics, compliance, and corruption

Corruption presents a unique risk when doing business in Latin America. Learn how it can be countered and all about the regulatory framework currently in place to address ethics concerns. Panelists will offer an assessment of how to effectively tackle these issues, along with what steps corporations should take to comply when doing business or planning in doing business in the region.

Technology as a vehicle for change

New technology has the potential to significantly impact the marketplace, and Latin America is at the center of opportunity. Hear an overview on the latest mobile payments technologies and successful initiatives involving e-payments in the region. Explore how blockchain and other distributed technologies are carving a place in the financial system within the region. The conversation will help build an understanding of the regulatory frameworks needed to implement these technologies and potential banking sector changes to increase adoption and use. We’ll also discuss investment opportunities that these technologies present, along with addressing the existing barriers for the adoption.


Our second Latin America Summit will serve as a unique forum for candid discussions on the opportunities and agents of change that are shaping Latin America. The summit’s theme is Fostering change through innovation: Latin America’s role in the global market. Some key themes we will explore include: the state of economic collaboration and the effects on trade; uncovering the future impact of the new administration in the U.S.; the evolving financial sector; and compliance, corruption, and risks when doing business in the region.


The day-and-a-half program will begin with an evening reception and dinner featuring an onstage conversation with three former presidents. On day two, we’ll dive deeper with panel discussions and keynote addresses. Throughout the experience, we’ll be using technology to poll the audience and make the program as interactive as possible for participants.  


Top executives with responsibility over Latin America. A cross-section of government officials, C-level executives, general counsel, and thought leaders throughout the region.

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